Our Process

Initial Site Meeting

We will meet with the executive team to acquire an understanding of the organization’s culture, goals, and individual expectations for the search.

Developing the Position and Recruit Specification

A successful search requires a mutually agreed-upon written description of the position, its objectives and performance expectations.

Target Organization List

We will work with you to develop a list of organizations or types of organizations at which we will target during the search.

Identify Prospective Recruits

Using our contacts and extensive resources, we will identify and qualify prospective recruits.

Screen and Evaluate Recruits

Once prospective recruits have been identified and qualified, we evaluate and screen them through in-depth, telephone interviews prior to our presentation to you. Preliminary reference checks, where possible, are conducted to validate past performance and credentials are verified. An assessment is made of individual strengths with respect to the position. We evaluate internal recruits using the same process as external recruits.

Present Recruits to Client

When presenting finalists, a summary and assessment is submitted. This contains a summary of professional experience, and our analysis and appraisal of the executive.

Reference Checks on the Finalists

Comprehensive reference checks on finalists will be presented.

Assisting in the Negotiation of Final Offer and Terms

We actively work with the client and the final recruit to negotiate a compensation package and other terms that are agreeable to all parties.

Post-Search Follow-Up

We will communicate periodically with you and the successful hire during the early stages of transition to your organization. This follow-up will assist in the transition of the successful hire into the new job and environment.