Only one executive search firm guarantees qualified recruits or refunds your retainer.

Many years ago I was the architect for a very unique business model that was and is today the most innovative program ever to evolve in the search industry.The Murphey Group, Inc. provides real value to clients by delivering solutions. We take a proactive approach by identifying superior performance which enables us to deliver your desired results. The Murphey Group, Inc. guarantees in writing to present recruits that the client determines are qualified or the client receives a full refund of the up front retainer. Over 60 years of experience recruiting healthcare executives nationwide with a retained search fill rate of 99% validates our success. Compare that to the industry norm fill rate for retained search of 70-75%. Receive all the benefits of retained search but not the risks.
–Jim Murphey, President/CEO

  • Recruiting Specialties

  • Physician Executives: Chief Medical Officers, Chief Quality Officers, Vice Presidents of Medical Affairs, Medical Directors
  • Hospital Executives
  • Hospice & Home Health Executives
  • Long Term Care & Geriatric Care Executives
  • Nursing Executives